EmbedIT is a 100% Czech IT Centre that provides IT services including design and support to Home Credit Group and Air Bank (PPF Group). Our internally designed and developed applications serve more than 36 million customers in 10 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Belarus, India, Indonesia and Philippines). Our operations team manages 17 data centres worldwide with a volume of more than 139 417 065 transactions per day.

Our running projects:

  • Development of a unified core system for countries of the Home Credit Group
  • Internet banks, customer portals
  • Federal front-end for web applications
  • Mobile Application for our clients and employees for Android and iOS platforms
  • Biometrics: scanning and comparison of fingerprints, faces and signatures
  • Building data centers, we do IT Operations for the countries of the Home Credit Group
  • Big data pilot, we are using data from social networks in marketing and credit scoring
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